Pre-School Gymnastics


You are always welcome to watch your child’s class. We have an open observation area where you can watch your child’s class and can even hear when your child yells, “Mommy, Daddy did you see me do that!” As coaches at AcroTex Gymnastics, we love seeing each child get excited about what they have learned.

At AcroTex we have a separate gym for preschool gymnastics classes. Having their own space helps preschoolers stay focused on their class and helps them stay safe. The preschool gym at AcroTex has specially designed equipment for the younger gymnast. Children will work on hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills as well as gymnastics skills to help them in their overall athletic development. Gymnastics class also helps them improve their social and listening skills.

Class Schedule 2023-2024

Classes start the week of August 21st



Preschool Gymnastics (ages 3-4)

Kinder Gymnastics (ages 4-5)

Montessori Class ONLY